Course-Bachelor of Christian Studies

General information about this course

The Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S) is offered by the Senate of Serampore College (University) for private study. The responsibility for administering the programme is with the Executive Committee under the overall supervision of the Senate of Serampore College.

The laity are the presence of the church in the world. They are called to commend their faith particularly in their secular professions or vocations in which they are involved and participate in the process of social change. In order to equip the laity with proper theological knowledge so that they can witness more effectively  to the Gospel of Christ in various capacities and under different circumstances the Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) course is introduced as an extension programme of the Senate of Serampore College (University). It is designed to provide the laity from different walks of life with academic skills for an in-depth understanding of Christian faith, history, doctrines and practical dimensions of ministry to interact with their neighbours and colleagues in their common quest for meaning in life.


  • To provide theological education as a critical transforming influence in personal, ecclesial and societal life in India/South
  • To provide tools for interpreting the Word of God in the social, economic and political context of the society.
  • To enable persons to become effective witnesses in the context of their varied and diversified vocations.
  • To study the interaction of Christianity with people of other faiths and cultures.
  • To facilitate lay leadership in church and society with the study of Christianity, its history, faith and practices.
  • To promote theological education in regional languages as well as in English.


The academic year for BCS course is January to December. A candidate is expected to send the “Online Registration” form by 31st October every year prior to commencing the study. The hard copy of the Registration Form should be submitted to the Dean, SCEPTRE, Kolkata within 6th November. The last submission of filled in application form with late fee is on or before 15th November.

The Registration Form should be submitted along with the following documents.

  • Academic certificates or mark sheet copies of academic qualification
  • Certificate of birth registration or other acceptable evidence of date of birth and the candidate must be ready to supply additional information and references that may be considered desirable in support of his/ her application.
  • Church membership certificate.
  • The candidate shall give in writing that he/she is not doing any course under any university/institution at the same time.
  • The Registration fee must be sent by Demand Draft in favour of “Senate of Serampore College” payable at Kolkata.
  • Application submitted without any of the above will be rejected.

Medium of Study and Examination:

The medium of study and examination shall be in English or any other vernacular language approved by the Senate.

Contact Seminar: (Compulsory for all the four years)

Contact seminar shall be arranged once in a year before the exams as it will be more convenient to the candidates. The Affiliated Colleges and the exam centres can conduct the contact seminars as approved by the Senate of Serampore College. Prior information must be given to the Dean, SCEPTRE about the dates of the Contact Seminar so that he/she/a representative can be present during such days. Certificates will be issued at the end of the contact seminar which will be used as a proof for attending the contact seminar.


The length of BCS degree course is four years starting from January to December. Validity of the registration shall be for seven years. Dip.C.S. Diploma  holders will join BCS 3rd year as an up-grader. The validity of registration of Dip.C.S. up-grader shall be four years.