Course-Diploma in Bible Translation

Colleges offering this course

Aims and Objectives of the course:

  1. To develop the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to ensure good quality translation, which is: clear to the readers, faithful to the original meaning, natural for the receptor audience and acceptable to the people and the church.
  2. To study the meaning of biblical passages within their original historical and cultural contexts.
  3. To understand principles of linguistics, translation, interpretation and communication which are essential to Bible translation.
  4. To undertake processes for ensuring a quality translation.
  5. To apply the principles and methods which have been learnt to the practical task of translation.
  6. To attain foundation-level qualifications, after which students may progress to intermediate and advanced studies in Bible translation.

Medium of the course: The course can be taught/ examined in the following languages; English, Hindi, Bengali & Telugu. 

Duration of the course: The course is an external/distance programme run by experts or qualified tutors, designed for 2 years and can be extended upto 4 years.

Academic Year & Examinations: Academic year is from January – October and Examinations are held once a year by end of October every year. All the examinations are conducted and examined by the Senate of Serampore College.