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BCS/Dip.CS/MCS Application Form (Only for Direct Students)  Download
Re- Ealuation Form February , 2024 Apply Online
D.MIN Registration Form Download

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Tutor Assessment Form (Dip. B.T.)  Download
College Marks Reporting Form  Download
Registration Form  Download
D.Th. Methodology Form  Download

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M.Th. Scholarship Form Download
GlobeTheoLib Agreement Download
D.Th. Scholarship Form Download
New Transfer of College Form 2024 Download
Faculty Profile Form Download
Transcript/Certificate Apply Online
Declaration against plagiarism Download
Duplicate Certificate Apply Online
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Documents & Information

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Pre submission notice for completion of DTH Dissertation  Download
New Publication  Download
Fees structure for Extension Programme -2019  Download
Minutes and Reports  Download
Serampore at Ninety  Download
Senate Publications  Download
BTESSC Constitution  Download
Right To Information ACT  Download
BTESSC Publication Download
Contact Seminar 2020 Download